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3rd Grade Textbook
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African American Life and Culture 


African American Life and Culture covers the origin and history of enslaved Black people in the new world. Students will examine and discuss cultural traditions Africans brought with them and how they passed them down from generation to generation, and how they changed over time. In addition, students will examine African-American culture through the rich traditions of storytelling, food, and contributions of notable African Americans. 

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4th Grade Textbook
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Shaping A Nation: The African American Story 


Shaping A Nation: The African American Story celebrates many African American men and women who have contributed significantly to American history. Students will learn about the contributions of African Americans from the American Revolution through the Civil War to Emancipation.  Grade 4 students will study the influence of African American scholars, activists, and artists on American institutions.  

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5th Grade Textbook
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African Americans and the Arts Throughout US History 


African Americans and the Arts Throughout US History examines and explores the contributions of African Americans to the United States history and the Black community through the arts. The story of African Americans in this country is one of survival, resilience, and perseverance. Students in Grade 5 will study African American contributions in the visual and performing arts, music, literature, and stories of the Black church.  

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6th Grade Textbook
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Modern Day Africa 


Modern Day Africa explores the people and places, culture and beliefs, food, sports and leisure, the arts, and economics. Students in Grade 6 will learn about seminal people in Africa who are making a difference in each topic. In addition to this content, students will participate in critical analysis through several supplemental sections in each chapter. Finally, students can experience creative expression through several innovative activities interspersed throughout the book. Virtual field trips are included to expand students’ exploration. 

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7th Grade Textbook
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Black Influence from Ancient Africa to Modern Times 


Black Influence from Ancient Africa to Modern Times explores the origin of Africa and its impact on modern day culture. Students in Grade 7 engage in a learning journey that includes the importance of health and well-being through the lens of African society; the Transatlantic Slave Trade; African American contributions during the Civil War; the establishment of historical institutions; and George Floyd. Virtual field trips are included to expand students’ exploration. 

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8th Grade Textbook
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The Black Experience in America (Early 1600s–Late 1800s) 


The Black Experience in America (Early 1600s–Late 1800s) traces history through the eyes of African American explorers, early settlers, inventors, trail blazing leaders, from the 1600’s right up to today’s trendsetters. Students in Grade 8 will use interactive activities, and journal their personal learning as they answer thoughtful open-ended questions. The exciting stories will engage students from the beginning to the very end of their studies. Virtual field trips are included to expand students’ exploration. 

9th Grade & Above Textbook

Black History 365 is a U. S. History textbook or ebook/app documenting the unique stories of Black persons, groups, and cultures in North America, beginning in Ancient Africa and continuing to modern events and movements. This interactive history/social science textbook can be used independently or as supplemental text and includes interactive instructor resources that will engage all learners. The gateway to connecting history to daily life, this transcendent approach to American history allows students of all ethnicities to engage in meaningful conversations with teachers, peers, and their families...through the lens of Black History.


Full of rarely told history lessons, the BH365 curriculum has exclusive access to more than 3,000 original artifacts that take students and educators on a colorful journey to embracing an inclusive account of American history.

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