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Black History 365 is an educational entity whose purpose is to create cutting-edge resources that invite students, educators, and other readers to become critical thinkers, compassionate listeners, fact-based, respectful communicators and action-oriented solutionists.

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JoAnn Scaife graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from Belmont University in Religion and doubled minored in Psychology and Music. She is a candidate for Master of Divinity and a scholarship recipient for the Women Leadership Initiative program at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Her master’s emphasis is on ministry of education and finance.

Jo Anne Scaife has been in the ministry for twenty-plus years studying, teaching, and leading others to understand the Word

of God on a daily basis. Jo Anne’s heartbeat is to impact others with the truths of the Bible through her personal and spiritual experiences. She is a highly sought-after inspirational speaker for religious, businesses, universities, and civic institutions.

Jo Anne is the founder and CEO of Restorations Corner Ministry, a non-profit organization that focuses on collegiate ministry, training college students to become highly effective leaders on campus and in the community and Living Single in Faith, a business that focuses on inspiring singles. A native of Fort Walton Beach, FL., she also serves as a collegiate minister of her non-profit. Her twenty-plus years working for numerous Christian publishing companies, churches, and music industry businesses has afforded her opportunity to study and to make history with a religion degree at Belmont in Nashville, TN, being one of the first African American and female to graduate from Belmont’s School of Religion.


She is a published author of a devotional book in a series of six volumes to be released.  Numerous awards and recognition have followed Jo Anne throughout her journey. She has served in the capacity of product manager and developer, advisor, marketing director, publisher, producer, and more.


Jo Anne currently resides in Nashville, TN where she serves as collegiate minister, entrepreneur, and businesswoman in the financial industry.

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BH365 E-book/App, which houses multimedia and easy to use content, features captivating stories from Black history. The QR codes embedded in the hardcopy book are replaced with digital interactive buttons in the desktop and mobile app. 


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Get a lifetime subscription of the engaging BH365 E-book App, which houses multimedia and easy to use content, features captivating stories from Black history. The QR codes embedded in the hardcopy book are replaced with digital interactive buttons in the desktop and mobile app.




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Black History 365 is a U. S. History textbook and ebook/app documenting the unique stories of Black persons, groups, and cultures in North America, beginning in Ancient Africa continuing to modern events and movements. This interactive history/social science textbook can be used independently or as supplemental text and includes interactive instructor resources that will engage all learners. The gateway to connecting history to daily life, this transcendent approach to American history allows students of all ethnicities to engage in meaningful conversations with teachers, peers, and their families...through the lens of Black History.


Full of rarely told history lessons, the BH365 curriculum has exclusive access to more than 3,000 original artifacts that take students and educators on a colorful journey to embracing an inclusive account of American history.


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  • Exclusive access to high-resolution images

  • The proprietary “Elephant Experience”

  • Sidebar materials

  • Student engagement and chapter check-ins

  • Curriculum starts in ancient Africa and ends in Canada

  • Professional Development

  • Embedded QR Codes & interactive (i.e. music)

  • Community, synergistic approach

  • Extraordinary advisory board

  • The Solutionist Academy



I encourage every school district throughout the United States to strongly consider adopting the comprehensive Black History 365 curriculum as their choice for African American studies.

Andrew Young  

Civil Rights Activist, UN Ambassador


The exemplary level of work and commitment exhibited to develop Black History 365 should be commended. The need for a project like this cannot be overstated nor ignored. Please support this endeavor and allow it to be an instructional tool for use in the preparation of guiding your students toward greatness!

-  Cathy Hughes    

Founder and Chairwoman, Urban One, Inc



Black History 365 is the comprehensive, holistic, text and image K-12 curriculum we have so intensely desired that fills a tremendous void in today’s educational enrichment landscape.

Ben Watson

NFL Super Bowl XXXIX Champion

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This powerful educational curricula breaks the shackles of traditional rote learning...nothing I have seen matches the breadth of educational tools and resources available through the Black History 365 curriculum.

Bill Haley, Jr.  

Alex Haley’s Grandson


Please give strong consideration for the inclusion of the Black History 365 curriculum in your school district.

Pete Babcock   

Historian, NBA General Managerrr


One could argue that Black History 365 is the culmination of the quest to bring together all of the videos, websites, online resources, maps, charts, graphs and the bulk of resources that have been developed by scholars, teachers, students and curriculum specialists to teach the African American experience over the past 40 years.

-   W. Marvin Dulaney   

Historian, Educator


Incorporating the Black History 365 process gives school districts the opportunity to teach Black History throughout the school year and to develop the next generation of change agents.

-  James Agbara Bryson   

Great Grand Nephew of Annie Malone



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